Thursday, May 28, 2009

Patrick-less week

I (Becky) have been on my own this week. Patrick is with his friends on a trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, so since Sunday morning I've been doing my own thing. (Somewhat. We have talked a ton!)

What a learning experience. I was unsure what this would be like, as I don't think we've spent a night apart since we got married. First lesson: I have fabulous friends and family who have kept me incredibly busy doing lots of fun things since the moment he left. I had lunch with my mom and sister after church Sunday and then hung out with my fantastic (adult) small group on Sunday night until 11 or so. Monday morning I did some cleaning up from Birthday Week (which was a HUGE success, by the way!) and some laundry, saw Star Trek with my family, then got a pedicure with Denise. Tuesday night the Mengers had me over for dinner and fun conversation. (Super yummy tortilla soup, I might add.) Wednesday was the last week of church for my (teenage) small group. It was a good time. And tonight I get to see some sweet college friends that I have missed OH so much for way too long now. Tomorrow night is another visit with a friend with the possibility of a sleepover, and Saturday I am doing some baby shower planning for some friends and then maybe outlet mall shopping with my mom. PHEW! Then Patrick is back on Saturday night!!!

Work has been a little crazy too which keeps me occupied during the day. And it was a 4 day work week which is always a plus. I am very thankful that he has not traveled for work like we thought he probably would when he took this job. That would be no fun at all. He is going to preteen camp in July, but it's a much shorter trip and much closer to home.

Lesson two: I talk a lot. :-) I'm used to having him around to talk to all the time, so when he calls at night I'm talking his ear off. Isn't there some statistic about the number of words that females need to get in on a daily basis? I think I meet it.

Lesson three: I have gotten pretty much nothing done that I intended to get done while he was gone. The house is not as clean as I intended, and there were lots of errands I have not accomplished. Oh well!

On another note, I used "Kaboom with the power of Oxi" on our shower and it's fantastic but makes my hands feel funny. Note to self: the power of Oxi is strong. Use gloves.

Alrighty, that's enough. I will post a separate Birthday Week post, complete with pictures for your viewing pleasure. Try to hold back your excitement. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have to brag on Patrick a little bit. I realize that this is mostly for our sake more than yours, and that's ok. But you should know what a wonderful husband I have.

This is not a huge secret, but when we first got married it was a tiny bit of a rocky start. We could go back even further and say our engagement started with a VERY rocky start, but I'll leave that for another day. We did not give ourselves enough time to find a place to live, so when we moved into the townhouse we live in now in the couple days before the wedding, it needed some help before it was liveable. A "maid" claimed to have cleaned the place. She even left us a list of the things she had "done." It was a load of bologna. The house was filthy. I will not even make you read about it. Just picture filthy and you've got a general idea. In addition, they didn't manage to paint before we moved in. The entire place (considering the dirty-ness) needed to be repainted. Should have happened on our honeymoon but alas, it did not. We came home from our honeymoon to find that they had turned off our electricity, and the house was not painted. So we went and took a nap at my parents and came back "home." It took them some time to paint the whole place, so everything we owned stayed in boxes. We had gotten new couches, and they stayed wrapped in plastic in the middle of our living room. Our bedroom furniture was all pushed to the middle of the room and we lived out of boxes. Let's just say, I didn't handle the whole thing well. I needed to get clothes to wear to work, but I SO did not want to be at "home" that I only got one outfit at a time from my parents house so that I HAD to go back. :-) It gets worse than that, but I'll spare you the details.

Despite the earliest days, I am very blessed with a beautiful, healthy marriage to an incredible husband. He is so sweet to me. I will look up from reading a magazine (usually an issue of Real Simple that he has picked up on his way home to surprise me) and he'll just be smiling at me from across the room. He tells me how beautiful I am constantly, and he tells me I'm a wonderful wife daily, even though it's usually in the face of 27 loads of laundry I've been putting off and two weeks without a REAL homemade meal. (I mean, I make a mean spaghetti, but does that count?) He stays up later than he prefers to talk to me, even though his ideal evening would include getting in bed and immediately being asleep. He delays leaving in the morning as long as possible, and oohs and ahhs over the lunch I've made him (nevermind that it's a turkey sandwich). He's going on a trip to the Tetons next week, and although I know he is beside himself with excitement, he keeps reminding me how much he'll miss me.

Like I said, I know that's sort of a blog post that doesn't do much for the readers, but I just wanted to get it out there how very blessed I am.

Speaking of, I am mid-birthday week. We went shopping on Friday night, which turned out VERY well for me and the owners of Ann Taylor Loft. Then Saturday I got roses and dinner with his family. Which also included gifts from them, including some super cute flip flops that I wore to church today! Today I got grapples. If you don't know what that is, it's an apple with some grape flavor, and it's DELICIOUS. We never buy them because they are insanely overpriced, but I got some today. :-) I also got waffles made from waffle mix from the Gunther House. (If you're ever in San Antonio, you have to go out there. No questions asked.) Tonight we celebrated with our small group, and I got a yummy angel food cake and a sweet card. Then we headed out early for an Andrew Peterson concert. So far, birthday week rocks. This week also rocks because I am leaving work early on Friday. SO many good things going on right now!

Did I mention how blessed I am???

PS 68 days to vacation. :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This one is the crazy flooding. Actually, this is the week before the crazy flooding. Our street just REALLY likes standing water. Lucky us!

This one is Patrick with his mom on Mother's Day eve! We went to the Astros game.

They did fireworks for the occasion. Actually, they kept saying "Tonight we will do a special edition of our Friday night fireworks for Father's Day!" Hm.

That's Patrick's mom opening her gifts.
(Do you love our green paint?? We do!)
Sunday was Mother's Day with my mom, and then yesterday we went to Le Mistral for my mom's birthday. And my dad took some pictures, so I'll have to steal them.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! This week has been good so far, and tonight I just might get a pedicure. :-)
9 days to my birthday!!
72 days to vacation!!!