Saturday, March 19, 2011

P&B Fun Day

Patrick had some vacation time to kill before the end of March, so he was off work this Thursday and Friday. Since we don't really get full days together on the weekends in the spring while he's working with Team in Training, I took off on Friday so we could have a P&B Fun Day. It was great! I really just like spending time with him, so it probably would have been just as great if we were hanging out at home. Our original plan was to go to Galveston, but since it was the last day of Spring Break we figured it would be crazy crazy crowded there. Plus the high in Galveston yesterday was only 70 degrees so the beach wouldn't have been all that warm. So we decided instead to go to College Station. Ohh Aggieland, how I love you.

We got a lovely view of the blue bonnets on the way up. And we borrowed a convertible from the Mengers. Driving with the top down most of the day was lots of fun, but we both got pretty sunburned. We ate at Blue Baker for lunch, walked around campus, drove by the places we used to live.. it was very nice. Of course it was a ghost town since it was spring break so that was kind of weird.

I lived in Midtown while I was in college. Here's a picture I snapped real fast yesterday, in my attempt not to creep out the person that was inside:

Such fabulous memories there.

And this is where Patrick lived, among many, many shady people on Cooner Street:

It was a really nice day. We stopped in Brenham on the way home and did some shopping. Oh and we visited the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. I'd never really been in there - which is a bummer since you get in free if you're a student. But we went in and looked around everywhere and I found it surprisingly interesting. (Typically museums are not my thing. I just sort of glance around and I'm ready to leave, much to Patrick's dismay. But this was fun.)

So we had a wonderful day yesterday, and now today is only Saturday!

In other news, we are about to have some landscaping work done in our backyard. Since the yard wasn't really maintained by the people who owned it before us (they did, in fact, keep a chicken back there which I highly doubt is in compliance with the HOA) we had some work to do before we could get the landscaping done. The weeds/grass had taken over where there should have been beds around our current landscaping so there were many hours of work to be done to take care of that first. I didn't manage to get a complete 'before' picture, but we've made some serious progress on the right half of the yard. Before, the whole yard looked like this (everything green is a weed, the grass is behind me in this picture):

And now, the right half of the yard looks like this (please ignore the things hanging off the fence, they will soon be gone as well):

It may not look like much, but it's major progress I assure you. The weeds are gone from where there should be flower beds, and in 2 weeks we will have new dirt and new mulch and it might actually look landscaped. Hopefully just in time for things to really start blooming again which will be so lovely!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy birthday husband-o-mine!

(***Pretend I was a little more on top of my game and actually posted this on March 3rd instead of just giving it that date. Sorry babe... yesterday was a little crazy around here.)

March 3rd is Patrick's birthday. In honor of the occasion, here are some interesting facts about him/his birth date:

Patrick is the tallest human structure in the Gilgour household - The tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere, Sky Tower in downtown Auckland, New Zealand, opened after 2.5 years of contruction on 3/3/1997.

Patrick loves U.S. History - The United States officially adopted The Star-Spangled Banner as its national anthem on 3/3/1931. (Above is a picture of Patrick's twin on the Korean War memorial in D.C. I've witnessed it people. It looks a lot like him, especially when his hair is longer.)

Patrick likes rock and roll music - Jackie Brenston recorded "Rocket 88", often cited as the first rock and roll record, at Sam Phillips' recording stuidios in Memphis, TN on 3/3/1951. (Above pictures of Patrick at a John Fogerty concert.)

Patrick was born in Missouri - Congress passed the Missouri Compromise on 3/3/1820. (Above is a picture of Patrick in Missouri. Isn't he cute?)

And this is us about to go to a formal my senior year of college. Not related to his birthday. I just like it.
I love you Patrick! Happy birthday!