Saturday, June 19, 2010

The one where I confess that I'm a Spicy Pickle-aholic

Well... my countdown has been altered a bit. The reason I was counting down to the end of June was because everyone who had gotten the $8000 tax credit for purchasing a new home had to close by then. But it appears that will be extended. Ugh. That's all I'm going to say about that. However, I'm going to continue to pretend like things will get substantially better in July, and here are the things I intend to start working on when that time comes. (After two vacations, that is!)

1. A little more house fixing-upping (I've bought some furniture on Craigslist that needs a little work, but so far, no time to do it.)
2. Plan a housewarming party! We reeeeeally want to have everyone over to see the house, and we haven't done a whole lot of entertaining since we bought it since I haven't been home much at all. So that's up there on the priority list.
3. Get to work earlier and leave earlier. I seriously say this ALL the time, but I'm really going to try to do it this summer.
4. Do a much better job keeping my house clean. I figure if I'm actually here some, this should be easier, right? I hope so. I did a much better job of it before we moved into this house. Granted, the townhouse was about half the size of this one. But still.
5. Cook dinner again! I actually like to cook these days, but I just don't have time. So I intend to make meals and sit down with my husband (and others!) and eat them. Good times.
6. Please no one (including you, Patrick!) remind me that this is a resolution I consistently make and then decide I don't particularly want to do: get a little physical activity in. Ugh, this does not sound fun to me. I'm not a fan of working out/running, etc and there are so many other things I'd rather be doing with my time. But it seems that a person should take care of themselves some, so I'm saying I intend to try. A little.
7. Find some slightly more healthy recipes. All the things I love to cook are terrible for you. And honestly, that really doesn't bother me at all, I'm not a healthy food person in any way. But my husband is, and I continue to douse him with heavily buttered foods, so so I'm putting this on the list.
8. Get back on a better budget. I was SO good about this when we first got married. But with the work thing, getting to the grocery store has been challenging, and I'm just tired. So we eat out wayyyyy more than we used to and that needs to stop very soon. The good news is that I get overtime when I work like this. But I'd rather be saving it, say, to replace the carpet I despise than on eating out. And that's a major confession for me, because I would typically get on a soapbox about eating out so much, but I am very guilty in this department here lately. Mostly because there's this place across the street from where I work called the Spicy Pickle and I LOVE it. I mean, love.

Ok. I also plan to put pictures on here. Add that to my list. My blogs have been very boring lately and I do apologize. This was really more for me than anyone. But at least I'm still counting down to vacation!! (Side note: I am going to see a doctor on Wednesday to see if there is anything they can give me for the severe motion sickness I've been having before I go on our trip. Just in case there's something I'd like to do while we're there that involves, you know, something other than sitting still. So pray for that!)

Back to cleaning!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This one's for you, Kelly.

(See the bottom of the screen. Don't say I never did anything for ya. :-) )