Monday, January 31, 2011

i know, i know... i'm the worst.

Apparently I much prefer stalking other peoples blogs (which I do religiously, every day) to keeping up with my own. I do apologize to my thousands of faithful readers who have been daily checking in to see when I will grace you with my presence here in the blogosphere again. Oh, wait... :-)

Well, in my last post I mentioned some home improvement things we were doing. And it turns out home improvement things have pretty much consumed our weekends lately. We did some updating in our bathroom and some other fun projects, none of which are 100% complete. But they are (hopefully) very soon to be finally done. Pictures to eventually follow, I promise.

In other news, the days are getting longer around here and you have no idea how happy this makes me. This 'getting dark at 5:00' business is the pitts.

Also... we have a roomie! Yep. Not a baby. A roomie. She's 19, it's been a long year, and she gets the sheer delight of living with us for a little bit. Lucky girl, you say? Agreed. Patrick's take on the whole thing? "Once she moves out, we'll be empty nesters!" We're WAY ahead of you, people. We skipped way past babies to 19 year olds, and we'll let you all know how the empty nest feels. :-)

My goal for 2011 (don't hate me) is to gain 10 pounds. I said don't hate me. I haven't done any consistent physical activity (who are we kidding... any at all) since high school. I've been losing "weight" (really just muscle mass) steadily since then. The pounds haven't really changed all that much, but the, shall we say, "girth" has. Apparently 8 years is too long to go without exercise. Who knew? So step one is going to be exercise more. (Please don't read back to January 2010 where I said I was going to exercise more. I did it once. It was a failed goal. Don't judge.) The rest of the steps I'm not a fan of. Apparently you are supposed to eat more 'hearty' vegetables than 'watery' vegetables. Water veggie number one... cucumbers. :-( How lame, I LOVE LOVE LOVE cucumbers. And I will probably break this rule several times a week for that reason. But no worries, I'm also a fan of (raw) spinach and that's on the hearty list. I'll put them together and be set. Apparently I need more red meat (I pretty much exclusively cook chicken.. another fail). And... get ready for this gem. I am to purchase Carnation instant breakfast powder milk and pretty much dump it on everything I eat. YUM-O! .......... Or not. One more slight issue - I should be drinking whole milk. First of all, I could go the rest of my life without drinking milk of any kind and be a happy camper. Second, I am fairly lactose intolerant. I can just barely handle skim milk, and only in small quantities. Whole milk is definitely off the table. I wonder if they make fatty soy milk? Somehow I really doubt it, but I will look into this. Again, for those out there who are trying to go in the opposite direction (i.e. lose weight) trust me when I say being on this end of it is not pleasant either. In high school my doctor tried to get me to drink some kind of raw egg smoothie for breakfast and let me tell you, those are yuck. But in all complete honesty, I'm trying to be healthier in 2011, and this is one of my goals.

Ok well that was a complete downer, and I apologize. No more complaining for the rest of the post. The good news is I looooove the way my bathroom cabinets turned out, it's a beautiful day today, there's a (very, very slight) chance of snow later this week, work has been very manageable, and I get to spend the evening with my husband watching Big Bang Theory. We also made it a goal to do a better job of Sabbath-ing. So yesterday we went to church, went to lunch, and then just hung out at home. We took naps and read some and just relaxed until small group. We're trying to let Saturday be the 'doing' day and Sunday be the 'resting' day. Our Sundays are going to be busy no matter what to some extent, but we're trying not to cram so much other stuff into the free hours we've got. And it worked out wonderfully.

That was all over the place. But you've come to expect that from me. Or maybe you forgot since it's been so long. But stay tuned for a picture-filled post of my newly painted cabinets and some other things my sweet husband is working on.

Happy Monday!