Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well the holiday season is upon us and you know what that means... our weekends are filling up rapidly.

This has been another crazy weekend. We went to the Derek Webb concert last night. I should warn you, since graduating from college, my days of staying up past midnight are pretty much over. I realize that makes me sound lame and old... so be it. The website said that the doors opened at 7 and the concert started at 8. Wellllll not so much. By the time we went to Denny's after the concert, we got home around 2 am. I won't be a downer, as I am a fan of Derek Webb and I do think he did a good job, but from now on I will probably limit myself to somewhat earlier/more low key concerts so as not to put a damper on Patrick's love of late night concerts and U2-esque fans. But anyway, I am not good at staying on topic here.

So we had Derek Webb late into the night and then a very full day today. Have I mentioned that I LOVE babies? (That belong to others.) Cuz I do. And I got to hold Justus tonight, who is such a stud. And Patrick is working hard on his Halloween costume/set up for Trunk or Treat. For those of you in the blog world and not here in our daily lives in person, I will go ahead and leave you in suspense of exactly what he's doing. Let's just say, in true Patrick fashion, it will be over the top. We also have started looking at houses (well in advance, no moves for us in the immediate future). Would you like to know where? I bet you would! I'll save that for another day also. Mostly because no decisions have been made.

Ok well that's enough non-information for one day. Tomorrow promises to be yet another insane day at work, so I need to go get some sleep here pretty soon.

Hope all is well with all of you!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What ends world hunger? Llamas do.

Reason number 32849 why I like being married:

(Conversation had on the phone with Patrick when I came home for lunch today.)

Me: You got a Christmas magazine from Heifer International in the mail today.
Patrick: Who?
Me: Heifer International. Apparently you could end world hunger.
Patrick: Oh yeah? How?
Me: Well, for one, you could buy a llama.
Patrick: Seriously? A llama?
Me: Yep. For $150. Or you could buy (get this) a share of llama for $20.
Patrick: I would never buy a share of llama. Only a whole llama.
Me: But that's not the only option. You could also purchase honeybees for $30 or a goat, or sheep, etc.
Patrick: Nope. My heart's set on the llama.

And that's my life, folks. In all seriousness, we will be purchasing a llama for those in need in Latin America.

By the way, the conversation started with my attempt to discuss purchasing Christmas gifts that we need to buy a little earlier this year so we can spread out our spending a little bit. We never got past the llamas.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

Caleb Elijah Greene

I'm a little late... but here's the latest. Sweet Caleb. Seriously. 4 baby boys. I love them all!