Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January resolutions update

(Fancy new running shoes!)

1. Have fun:
Purchased rodeo tickets.

2. Rest more on the weekends (aka get more done during the week):
I've made a conscious effort to clean my house more during the week so that it doesn't pile up to hours of cleaning on a weekend. And bonus, the house stays clean and this makes me happy happy.

3. Clean my shower more often:
Cleaned twice in January!

4. Chill out:
I can't think of any specific examples of this, but I find myself almost every day asking myself in my head 'Does this really matter?' Sometimes I fail and still get frustrated but sometimes I don't!

5. Do things with my husband that he enjoys:
Signed up for the warrior dash in March together, ran together several times, and went for chicken fried steak on our last date night.

6. Get out more during the week:
I've reconsidered this many times this month because I'm definitely doing more of this and I'm exhausted. So we will see how that goes from here on. But I am absolutely getting out more during the day.

7. Find a hobby:
I have been consistently running since the end of 2012, training for a 5k. This is not what I had in mind in the form of a hobby but it really is one, so I'm counting it for January. Also, I've started doing some part time work from home. Just on a trial basis for now but it's something. I'd still like to take up a hobby that's not either of these things, but this is progress for now.

8. As Everett gets older, be more intentional with our time:
Yeah I still don't really have anywhere to go with this one. It does help that we get our more and he's not just staring at me all day.

9. Be more consistent with my time with God:
Have been pretty consistent in the church wide study we are doing.

10. Get rid of some junk:
Cleaned out under my sink last week.

***Bonus: use gift cards and candles:
I used 2 gift cards this month and burned several candles. I discovered I have some candles that I don't really like. However I kept them. Dang it. Two steps back on resolution 10.

All in all, feeling good about January! I guess most people continue their resolutions in January (as evidenced by the massive crowds when we went to get me new running shoes) so hopefully I keep it up!!