Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kind of a bummer

So this has been kind of a bummer of a week. We found out a relative has cancer... I won't go into it here but ugh. Turns out, I probably will not be joining Patrick in Arizona this summer as planned. The cost to do so would be somewhat outrageous. And I haven't been feeling so hot kind of off and on, so that's getting old. Oh, and work got ridiculously crazy busy and probably won't get under control again until July. Sigh.

Well... at least we'll close on the house in a couple weeks.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh yeah... we're buying a house. :-)

Oops. As I mentioned... I've been quite the blogging slacker. We're buying a house. :-) We close March 25th. Our lease isn't up until June so we have time to paint and do a little bit of fixing up before we have to move, but of course we'd like to get in asap!

What's that? You'd like to see pictures? Well ok! The only ones I have are from the house staged with other people's furniture, and to be honest, they're a tiny big deceiving. There is some work to be done. Nothing major, it's definitely a nice house. But the paint colors look a whole lot better in the pictures than in person and the paint job isn't fantastic so that will go first and foremost. But here you go! (Ahh! There's a front porch!)

That's the entry way/view into the dining room. Love the stained glass.

View of the staircase.. we love all the moulding.

Living room (fireplace!)


Master bedroom. While those built ins right in the middle where the tv is look nice, they actually are not. And since the room is not huge, we are getting rid of them, as they stick out quite a bit into the room.

Bedroom two. Probably the pink and Disney will have to go. :-)

Bedroom 3. I LOVED Madeline as a kid!
"To the tigers in the zoo, Madeline said 'Pooh Pooh' " Anyone??
There are several murals... sadly, they go as well.


Back yard

More pictures to come once we actually live there and you can see OUR stuff in it! Yay!

Patrick is 24!

I have been remiss in blogging, and even worse, taking pictures!

Patrick's birthday was Wednesday. Birthday week was great. We hung out with Patrick's family. We stayed in a bed and breakfast which was super fun with REALLY delicious breakfast. We spent a day at Brazos Bend State Park. We've had several fun meals. We saw the Breens and Hokansons last night for some yummy food at Fadi's. It's been great.

And, of course, he got new Chacos AND a little memoir of his old ones. And some other fun stuff.

And I have zero pictures to show for it. Sigh.

Happy birthday week, Patrick! Thanks for being the best husband! I love you!!