Thursday, March 21, 2013


I've needed to get out of my head a little bit recently, so I've been spending more time on my guilty pleasure - reading blogs. :-)

 And today, in a continued effort to distract myself, I'm linking up to Moriah's blog with my own 'Currently' post.

Currently, I am:

Watching: my sweet Everett and his chubby cheeks on the video monitor.  I can be found doing this pretty often when he's sleeping.  And I'm super grateful that he's napping at the moment.  We're working on changing up the schedule a bit this week so he can go to bed earlier, and he's been a champ at the nighttime sleep but he's having trouble adjusting to the daytime nap changes. Oh and he's teething.  So much crying in my house this week.  But good grief, I just really like him.  (Annnnd in the 10 minutes it took me to write this post, he's awake, 40 minutes into his 2 hour nap.  Sigh!)

Listening: I'm listening to the Passion 2013 album on Spotify right now.  Currently Matt Redman's Jesus, Only Jesus. We believe that He has saved us, from sin and death once and for all...

Planning: Something to celebrate Patrick's birthday in the very near future.  The beginning of this month and the end of last month brought with it a number of challenges in our household and his birthday basically got skipped over.  I'll be making up for that very soon.

Thinking about: How much time I've been spending thinking about things.  Ugh.  On a lighter note, thinking about how we've been planning to go see Spamalot at the theater this summer with friends and that should be lots of fun.  Oh, also thinking about how badly I need to update the pictures on my blog to include our little man.  Just a tad bit behind...

Looking forward to: May.  It includes my birthday, lots of time with family, trips, and hopefully a little overnight getaway with Patrick that I'm really really excited about.  And looking forward to Easter.  Cuz who doesn't look forward to Easter?

Reading: The She Reads Truth Songs of Ascent reading plan and the ebook Be Quiet and Say Something by Jessi Connolly.  And Arms of Deliverance by Tricia Goyer.

Making me happy: Popsicles.  Beautiful weather.  A hint of summer that will bring with it lots of days at the pool.  Hallelujah.  Bring on the pool!

Monday, March 4, 2013

February photo dump!

I figured I might as well post these for the 5 of you to see instead of letting them stay all lonely on my phone!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

5 months old!

My goodness. Although I'm certain it's only been a matter of weeks, the calendar says Everett is 5 months old! I know I say this every time, but we could not be more crazy about him.

Stats (guessing on these since we won't be back at the dr. until 6 months):

Height around 25 inches, per my attempt at measuring
Weight around 15 or so pounds
Head not a clue. Still big.

Everett at 5 months, you:

Still love to eat. You now eat 5x a day. Around 7 am, 11:00 am, 2:45 pm, 6 pm and 8:30 pm.

You're definitely not fighting any of your naps this month. I have to wake you from at least one of them every day.

No sickness this month! Hallelujah.

You have discovered shrieking. You do it allllll day. It's a lot of shrieking. It's especially fun in public. You learned how to blow bubbles this month which was so cute. But you've now given it up in favor of shrieking.

Still have reflux. Looks like you may just not grow out of it. We will see!

You don't roll very often anymore these days but you're making good progress on scooting on your belly. You'd still much rather we never forced you on your tummy.

Still not sleeping exclusively in the crib. You've taken some successful naps there though.

You're definitely teething. You've been cutting the same tooth in the front for awhile now. You're a little fussier than usual but not too bad so far.

You started holding your own bottle this month. You can't maneuver it back in if you drop it (mostly because you are shaking with anticipation to get it back in. See: loves to eat) but you can hold it up on your own.

You've started putting your hands on our faces. This is both adorable and concerning in that its hard to tell when you're going to do it sweetly and when you're going to dig in with your fingernails. Either way, we love it.

We just love you!!! You're so precious and so full of personality and so fun. We can't get enough.

Look how you've changed!