Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Family of Three

Well we are officially a family of three.  :-)  Little Everett made his arrival on September 28th and made us parents!

Isn't he perfect?  It's been a challenging few weeks but we think he's pretty great.  I think we heard about nine bajillion times before he was born that having kids will change your life dramatically.  I think it's just like everything else in life - no one can really explain it to you until you do it.  It certainly changes your life in an instant.  But I don't think you can really understand in what ways until you do it.  And of course Patrick and I, being the low maintenance, low expectations kind of people that we are, always adapt to change perfectly right from the beginning.  :-)

But really, he is a fabulous dad.  And although I've already put this picture on every other form of social media I could find, I will put it here as well.

Isn't that adorable??

More blogging to come!