Sunday, April 3, 2011

A little bit of crud and a lot a bit of goodness

How did it get to be April already?! I mean, other than March ending. Of course. Seriously, time just goes by faster and faster.

Aside from the fact that I'm currently fighting what I believe to be a sinus infection (and really that's what I'm hoping for, since it's not contagious), I've had a lovely weekend.

Patrick came home from Dallas early on Thursday which was SO wonderful. We spent the whole evening together just hanging out and it was so nice.

Friday I got to meet sweet, sweet Emily June (before I was sick) which was awesome. She is so beautiful. And I got to have lunch with my husband. And then I got to spend the evening with some of my very favorite high school girls at a girls night out (and some of my very favorite my-own-age girls who came too). It was a really fun night.

Saturday I was feeling bad so we just laid low. Patrick and I spent pretty much the whole day and night together and it was wonderful. He's taken great care of me. I sadly had to skip out on church and small group today which I hate. But again, I got to spend the day with my husband. And just hanging out without doing anything for 2 days is really not something we get to do often, so I'm happy to look for the silver lining in that.

One of the very exciting things we did this weekend was book our flights to Arizona for May. I'll be joining him at the Grand Canyon this year which should be interesting. :-) I'm sure it will be fun. I was listening to KSBJ in the car this afternoon (during the 12 seconds I spent out of the house). They were talking about marriage and somehow they got on the topic of how some people have this idea of the perfect person that they want to marry and they think that if they meet someone who doesn't measure up to one of those standards, they'll feel like they settled. I was thinking that if Patrick had sat down to write one of those lists that defined his 'perfect person', she probably would have been someone who loved the outdoors. So it's a really good thing that marriage doesn't so much work like that. (Insert plug for the book Sacred Marriage. It's fabulous.) The truth is that I don't even come to close to a person who loves the outdoors and "adventure." I know you're all absolutely shocked as you read this, what with my extremely adventurous history. And I know this is totally random, but as I listened to that I was thinking about how I'm very glad that Patrick doesn't think he "settled" since I don't so much fit into his "list." Plus, now that I have a husband - he pretty much defines my list. So whatever my list used to look like, now it looks like him. So it's really a moot point.

But anyway, I digress as usual. I need to go find something to do with myself until I fall asleep. Watching the West Wing is out since Mrs. Landingham is about to kick the bucket and those episodes are just too much for me right now.

Happy new week, friends! Hopefully I recover from this crud quickly and get to thoroughly enjoy it!