Sunday, May 15, 2011

What the heck have we been up to lately?

Everything. :-)

I went on yet another blogging sabbatical, I know. Life just got crazy here. I didn't want to blog about this before it was over since I figured posting that I was home alone constantly on the world wide web was not a fabulous idea, but we're in the clear now I'm free to blog.

Patrick wound up on a project this year that had him traveling every week. For 16 weeks. You read that right. It has been extremely challenging, and I can't say I handled the situation with grace and patience. I CAN say that it makes me value the time he is home so, so much more. I never would have known how I take that for granted until I couldn't take it for granted anymore. :-) But thanks goodness, it is finally over. We're back in the same city with some fun trips in our future, and I'm excited.

It's graduation season around here also. Our sweet 12th graders that we work with at church are all graduating, so graduation stuff is going on all around us. I'm excited for them, but I can't believe this has actually come. Not sure what I'm going to do with myself next year! I intend to stay in denial until August when they actually leave. Very much my style.

Patrick is wrapping up his Team in Training season and heads to the Grand Canyon next week. I can't believe it's the middle of May already! It seems like every year goes by faster and faster. I'll be joining him in Arizona this year so that should be a good time. I hiked with him yesterday morning for 6 miles and let's just say that I will be feeling that for a good while.

My mom turned 50 a few days ago, so we went to a birthday party for her last night. It was quite fun! And we're headed out next month to vacation with her family at the beach. Hooray for vacation! You know how I love a good beach!

Patrick's grandmother has been in town this past week so we've gotten to spend some time with her. That's been really nice. We definitely wish we could see our extended family more often. We said goodbye to her this morning, but we plan to get up to see her in the next few months and that will be nice.

So life is crazy busy here at the Gilgour household (which seems to be the norm for us at this stage of our lives), but it's (mostly) fun stuff so we'll take it. It seems like every weekend we've got 7 places to be. Today we've made two stops and have two to go. I'm currently relaxing for another hour or so before we hit up stop number three. But really, it's all things we really want to do and places we really want to go, so we can't complain. We have wonderful friends and family that we wouldn't trade for the world.

Sorry that was a totally lame catch up with no pictures, and I am going to make another statement that I plan to blog more often and hope for the best. :-)

Happy Sunday!